Archive for May, 2002

I am with you, Puppet Master!
– Andre Toulon

Economic talk bores me, like most people. At the same time, who can resist some whacky protest action? Deroy Murdock’s latest article at National Review Online looks at both. There’s nothing in the world to spice up a stockholders meeting, in my opinion, like your basic environmentalist craziness. Apparently, the next skirmish will be held […]

My Advice To You Is To Start Drinking Heavily

–Bluto Blutarsky

Last night was fun. At around 10pm West Coast time we had an earthquake. Unlike most of the denizens of California, I’m not going to refer to this earthquake with some quaint down-home euphemism. The people who try to seem folksy about these things out here, who sound as if they are trying to downplay […]

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